Tuff E Nuff Edition

Cover image for SNEScapades episode 81 featuring Tuff E Nuff, Top Gear 2, and Utopia: Creation of a Nation

It’s a few days before Christmas, and we just have a regular episode that’s been in the can for a week. Sorry about that. But the games are pretty interesting. We’re talking about Tuff E Nuff and Top Gear 2. Also we briefly mention Utopia: Creation of a Nation.

Tuff E Nuff is a goofy fighting game taking place in a dystopia where society has collapsed and the majority of its roster is locked behind a cheat code. But other than that, this one actually isn’t bad for a fighting game of this vintage. We’ll tell you what we think it learned the right lessons from Street Fighter, and what it could have improved on… ya know, if Jaleco had ever given us a sequel to this one.

Top Gear 2 as a big legacy to live up to, as it’s predecessor was a racing game that really took us by surprise. Does this one rise to the heights of the original, or will it be a disappointment? Listen and find out.

Games Discussed

Top Gear 2

Title screen for SNES game Top Gear 2

Tuff E Nuff

Title screen for SNES game Tuff E Nuff

Utopia: Creation of a Nation

Title screen for SNES game Utopia: Creation of a Nation