The 7th Saga Edition

SNEScapades Podcast #80: Featuring The 7th Saga. Also Super Widget and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay. We’re back and we’re recording again. But before that, we need to get this episode out there that we recorded months ago but never got to actually edit and put up. So here it is! We’re talking about two classic children’s franchises that were adapted to the Super NES. 

Actually, that’s a lie. One of them is Super Widget, based on the cartoon Widget the World Watcher. Will this game be a pleasant surprise, or is it as forgettable as the cartoon on which it’s based?

But we’re also talking about Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Perhaps a timely game given that we recorded it in the moments before that railroad strike almost happened. Was… timely… Maybe we should stop talking politics, we are really dating these things. Anyway, it’s a game for very young children so of course two childless adults are the perfect people to review it.

Finally, we’re talking about The 7th Saga, a JRPG that doesn’t get mentioned like other classic JRPGs on the system like Final Fantasy III or Chrono Trigger. Is there a reason it’s not as beloved or is it something of a hidden gem? Listen and find out.

Games Discussed

Super Widget

screen shot of Super Widget Title Screen

The 7th Saga

Screenshot of 7th Saga Title Screen

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

screen shot of Thomas the Tank Engine title screen