2023 S-SMP Showdown

Generic cover art for SNEScapades podcast, featuring a digital drawing of a Super NES console and controller colored cyan and pink. Text reads "SNEScapades podcast with Chase Keys and Emmy Zero."

We decided we wanted to spice things up just a bit as we head down that road toward episode 100. Emmy and Chase are both picking 16 of their favorite Super NES tracks and pitting them all in a tournament to see which one is the best. And you’re going to help us decide! We hope, please?

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Playing with Power: October 1993

Playing with Power: October 1993 with special guests Matt and Jason from Gateleapers. A SNEScapades Podcast production featuring Super Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, Star Fox, and more.

We have made it to another month in our chronology, so it’s time to talk about an issue of Nintendo Power. Our guests for this episode are two-thirds of the amazing team from the Gateleapers podcast. Jason and Matt might have been too young to have read this issue when it was new, but they have a ton of hilarious commentary to offer anyway.

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Playing with Power – June 1993

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Cover for podcast episode about issue 49 of Nintendo Power

Another month down, another Nintendo Power issue to talk about, and another episode of SNEScapades that goes on longer than an hour. In this episode, Link and Emmy discuss Jurassic Park, interesting controllers, cute teenage robots, iffy Nintendo science, and games you can play with your dad (or maybe your imagined younger self as the mid-life crisis sets in?)  

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Playing with Power: May 93

snescapades: playing with power. May 93 issue of NIntendo Power

There is so much to talk about in this May 1993 issue of Nintendo Power, that we needed a super-sized episode cram it all in. We’re gonna talk Batman Returns, The Wonder Years, Dave, the Mario Bros. movie, Kawasaki jet skis, defunct comics! What more could you ask for?

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Playing with Power: March 93

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. March 93. Nintendo Power Issue 46

This is a big one folks! We do some deep dives on all sorts of topics while flipping through the pages of Nintendo Power from March 1993. We talk more about the art, specifically the covers from this era of Nintendo Power. We also chat about the Storm of the Century, Canadian media review shows for kids, obscure cartoons only SteampunkLink seems to remember, Capcom, Tiny Toons, the poorly chosen Nintendo Power award nominees, and lots more.

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Playing with Power: February 93

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Feb 93. Nintendo Power Issue 45

This episode features talk of 90s cartoons, horror franchises marketed to children, and forgotten franchises that just fizzled out. Remember the comic series Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja or the band Trixter? Neither did they, but they talk about them anyway.

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Playing With Power: Jan 93

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Jan 93. Nintendo Power Issue 44

Our first Playing With Power episode of SNEScapades has us taking a long trip down memory lane as we explore the big January 1993 bonus issue of Nintendo Power. We’ll talk about games we’ve already discussed on the show (like Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse), some that we haven’t gotten to yet (like Shanghai II), and at least one we won’t actually see of a while (Equinox).

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