Super Bases Loaded Edition

SNEScapades #3 Super Bases Loaded, Ryne Sandberg not included. Plus Populous, Super R-Type, The Chessmaster

Do you enjoy baseball, chess, old arcade games, or being god? If so, then have we ever got an episode for you. Emmy and Link start with a chat about the SNES port of the PC god-sim Populous. Then it’s on to the dubiously licensed Super Bases Loaded. Super R-Type is up next and rounding everything out is The Chessmaster. What’s better than a game of chess against a tough but slow computer opponent while the same piece of music plays over and over again?

  1. Super Mario World
  2. F-Zero
  3. SimCity
  4. Gradius III
  5. Super R-Type
  6. Drakkhen
  7. Populous
  8. Final Fight
  9. Pilotwings
  10. Hal’s Hole in One Golf
  11. Hyperzone
  12. Super Bases Loaded
  13. The Chessmaster

Games Discussed


Super Bases Loaded

Super R-Type

The Chessmaster