Secret of Mana Edition

Cover for SNEScapades podcast episode 86 featuring Secret of Mana, Paladin's Quest, and SimAnt

Hey everyone! Chase and Emmy are back to discuss ants and rpgs. First up is the Maxis game SimAnt, another PC sim port. Emmy has a lot of love for this game, but Chase isn’t a huge fan of bugs. Give this one a listen and find out if Emmy’s nostalgia will win the day over Chase’s entomophobia.

Then we have two games all about magic. The first is a traditional RPG called Paladin’s Quest. It’s certainly not one of the better known SNES RPGs. Is there a reason for that, or is Paladin’s Quest a hidden gem? Finally, it’s time to talk about Secret of Mana and it’s well-documented troubled development.

Games Discussed

Paladin's Quest

SNES title screen for Paladin's Quest

Secret of Mana

SNES title screen for Secret of Mana


SNES title screen for SimAnt