Rocky Rodent Edition

SNEScapades Podcast #79: Featuring Rocky Rodent. Also Super Off-Road: The Baja and Super Bomberman

It’s time to talk about a certain rodent who likes to go really fast, has attitude, and tends to get kissed by human ladies. We’re talking, of course, about Rocky Rodent, the infamous dine-and-dasher. Emmy and Link are a bit divided on the game’s quality, but Rocky himself makes for such a strange specimen, that they can’t stop talking about him. It’s a wonder that he never got a single other game other than this debut outing. It’s a crime! There’s so much more Rocky Rodent lore to be told.

Also they played Super Off-Road: The Baja. It was pretty good. And Super Bomberman. It’s Bomberman. 

Games Discussed

Rocky Rodent

TItle Screen from SNES game "Rocky Rodent."

Super Bomberman

Title Screen for SNES game Super Bomberman

Super Off-Road: The Baja

Title Screen for SNES game Super Off-Road: The Baja