Quick Change the Channel: Mortal Kombat (1995)

Quick, Change the Channel by SNESCapades, featuring The Mortal Kombat film (1995)

It has BEGUN! Emmy and Link welcome Trevor from the Catching up on Cinema podcast to talk (for a very long time) about the 1995 film “Mortal Kombat.” All of your favorite characters are here. Johnny gets a few great lines, Sonya… falls down while trying to throw a kick, and Lu Kang is the most special boy.

Trevor, Link, and Emmy will discuss all of their amazing battles against Kano (chump), Sub-Zero, and Scorpion who really just should have been using a regular spear. Also the Goro animatronic is impressive, but is he wet enough?

Mortal Kombat was regarded as one of the most faithful adaptations of a video game when it was released, but how does it hold up? In the course of breaking down the movie, the trio talk about the filmography of Paul WS Anderson, speculate how last-minute casting resulted in a few issues for some of the fight scenes, wonder what it must be like to be beaten up by two different Lu Kangs, and ask “Why didn’t Robin Shou have more of a career?”

We can’t thank Trevor enough for joining us and sharing his knowledge of all things cinema with us for this episode. You can listen to more of him, and his co-host Kyle, on the Catching up on Cinema podcast which you can find on all of the podcast apps. You can also follow them on Twitter @CatchingCinema.

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