Playing with Power – June 1993

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Cover for podcast episode about issue 49 of Nintendo Power

Another month down, another Nintendo Power issue to talk about, and another episode of SNEScapades that goes on longer than an hour. In this episode, Link and Emmy discuss Jurassic Park, interesting controllers, cute teenage robots, iffy Nintendo science, and games you can play with your dad (or maybe your imagined younger self as the mid-life crisis sets in?)  

This issue also marks a somewhat abrupt end to the Star Fox comic. Is an opinionated NP reader to blame? Probably not, but they’ll drag him anyway.  

Battletoads appeared on the cover of this one which was fitting as they were also appearing in games on every Nintendo system at the time. Your hosts will talk about their experience with the toads that do battle and talk about why such a promising franchise never really grabbed them and why (in their opinion) the series was MIA for such a long time.  

All this and a French fox who may or may not have once been a French comedian on today’s Playing with Power episode of SNEScapades!

Games Discussed