Playing With Power: Jan 93

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Jan 93. Nintendo Power Issue 44

Our first Playing With Power episode of SNEScapades has us taking a long trip down memory lane as we explore the big January 1993 bonus issue of Nintendo Power. We’ll talk about games we’ve already discussed on the show (like Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse), some that we haven’t gotten to yet (like Shanghai II), and at least one we won’t actually see of a while (Equinox).

We’ll also talk about all of the fun bonus features that this magazine had to offer, like Mario Paint ideas, Star Fox papercraft, and strange eye spy games featuring the very messy room of a very rich kid.

This issue also features a lengthy article about the state of gaming and the future of games which is even more interesting when contextualized with Nintendo’s failed relationship with Sony and the Philip’s CD-ROM add-on for the SNES that never bore fruit.

Finally, we’ll talk a little bit about the history of the magazine itself and what we’re missing out on starting as late as we are in the magazine’s run.

This was SO much fun to talk about and we hope you’ll have fun listening. If you want to check out the magazine for yourself, look for issue 44 of Nintendo Power (Jan 93) on the Internet Archive. For the time being, all of the issues are available there, and hopefully that won’t change

Games Discussed