Playing with Power: February 93

SNEScapades: Playing with Power. Feb 93. Nintendo Power Issue 45

So this magazine might not be quite as packed to the gills like the previous month’s bonus issue was, but Link and Emmy still find plenty to talk about in this issue. The prospects of a less-than-stellar February lineup are somewhat alleviated by the promise of more exciting things to come (like Cybernator) and they further speculate on the reason’s why certain NES games might not have sold as well as Nintendo hoped they would. This episode features talk of 90s cartoons, horror franchises marketed to children, and forgotten franchises that just fizzled out. Remember the comic series Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja or the band Trixter? Neither did they, but they talk about them anyway.

Honestly, there was so much ground covered here, that I don’t even remember everything as I write this. I think there was a thing about Eric Clapton. OH! And a Star Fox comic!

Games Discussed