Gemfire Edition

SNEScapades #43: Gemfire. Western Fantasy gets the Koei Treatment. Plus Gods, Goal!, History of the Bitmap Bros., Link has a bad day.

December 1992 is winding down, but the games have not been great and they really start fraying Link’s nerves in this episode.

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Chester Cheetah Edition

SNEScapades #42: Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. Plus Cal Ripken Jr Baseball, Bulls vs. Blazers & the NBA Playoffs, Kaneko USA and the Fido Dido game that could have been.

We start with Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball to see if SNES baseball gets any better. This one fares better than most but it’s still not amazing. We also talk about Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA playoffs. We didn’t think basketball could get much worse than last week’s All Star Challenge (by virtue of not really being a basketball game) but this one sure wants to challenge that assumption.

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Jeopardy! Edition

SNEScapades #41: Jeopardy! Edition. Games that are basic for 400, Alex. Plus NBA All-Star Challenge, Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour.

In this episode we’re diving into the worlds of sports-games and game-show games. We talk about Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour which boasts some forward-thinking accessibility options but isn’t terribly impressive otherwise when compared to some of the other games on the system.

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Musya Edition

SNEScapades #40 Musya, Spooky Ghosts, Sloggy Pace. Plus Lethal Weapon, NHLPA '93, Info about Park Place Productions and SETA.

A lot of today’s games have something in common in that they represent a leap in quality over similar games that we may have seen on past systems, but still fail to be truly recommendable today.

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Wing Commander Edition

SNEScapades #39: Wing Commander. Space cats are coming for us. I'm not lion. Plus Wordtris, The stories of Armen Sarkissian and Chris Roberts.

We like to talk history as it relates to the games we play on this show. Usually the topics are confined to video game creators and companies, or franchises attached to the games. Today’s episode covers something a little different.

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Super Star Wars Edition

SNEScapades #38 Super Star Wars, The force is... of moderate strength with this one. Plus Prince of Persia, Road Riot 4WD, Histories of Lucasarts and Broderbund.

We’re talking about Super Star Wars and Prince of Persia on today’s episode of SNEScapades, which means we’re going into the history of Lucasarts and Broderbund software. Also something called Road Riot 4WD gets mentioned.

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Best of the Best Edition

SNEScapades #36; Best of the Best. Watching the best fighting in your best fedora. Plus Captain Novolin, Firepower 2000, Info about Loriciel, Raya Systems, and more.

This rather interesting trio of games gives us a chance to talk about some fairly obscure video game companies (or at least what little we know about them in Raya’s case).

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