Pac-Attack Edition

Cover for SNEScapades podcast episode 85 featuring Pac-Attack, Last Action Hero, and Lock On

Today we’ve got three games that are fine. These are fine. They’re fine. Well, two of them are fine. Well, Emmy thinks two of them are fine. Chase thought one of these games wasn’t worth his time. But they both agree on one thing: one of these games is very bad. The others… they’re fine.

Emmy was pleasantly surprised by Lock On and found it’s gameplay similar to parts of Star Fox 64 while Chase didn’t care for it very much. Who will have more sway when it comes to placing it on the list, though? Well, if I wrote that in the description, you’d have less reason to listen to the episode, wouldn’t you?

Pac-Attack is a falling-block puzzle game that adds some Pac-Man… and it’s fine. It’s totally fine.

You know what’s not fine, the game based on Last Action Hero. It’s bad. Give us a listen and we’ll tell ya just how bad we thought it was.

Games Discussed

Last Action Hero

SNES title screen for Last Action Hero

Lock On

SNES title screen for Lock On


SNES title screen for Pac-Attack