Mickey’s Magical Quest Edition

SNEScapades #44: Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. Mickey goes to Hell!? Plus! Pro Quarterback, Push-Over, what the bloody heck are Quavers.

Link and Emmy breath a sigh of relief today as they begin the end of December 1992 off on the right foot. First, we need to talk about the simply-named Pro Quarterback. It’s a football game. It’s probably an okay one of those if you’re into football games. Link and Emmy are not.

Next, it’s time for another one of those block-toppling beats as Link and Emmy discuss the snack food-peddling (in the UK at least) domino puzzle game Push-Over. You’ll hear a pretty rare split from Link and Emmy on this one. But at least they can both agree that G.I. Ant is a bad name for a character.

(Please note, having just spelled out the name G.I Ant, I suddenly realized what they were going for there. G.I.Ant? GIANT? You get it?)

Finally, it’s time to talk about the far less simply-named The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. Mickey will get magical powers turning him into a magician, a fire-fighter, and Bionic Commando. This one was flawed but a ton of fun and a huge breath of fresh air after the last several games

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