Kendo Rage Edition

Cover for SNEScapades podcast episode 84 featuring Kendo Rage, Daffy Duck, and Family Feud

Classic Looney Tunes shorts, American game shows, 90s anime; these are just some of the topics we talk about in this episode. We’re talking about Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions, Family Feud, and Kendo Rage.

Marvin Missions is based on the classic Duck Dodgers and the 24th 1/2 Century short (that’s really funny, you should go watch it.) Is this game worthy of the classic short, or is it as useful as a disintegration pistol? 

We also go into a brief history of the game show Family Feud before discussing the game. Did the SNES need a game based on Family Feud? Does something like this work in a world before the internet and easily accessible 4+ multiplayer? Are these questions hinting toward our overall opinions of this game? They probably should be.

Finally, we’ve got Kendo Rage. It’s a bit amazing we got a game like this without it getting westernized to hell and back. We’ll tell you what we thought of it and Emmy will even talk a little bit about the OVA based on the game.

All of this and a special message from Emmy at the end that we hope you’ll stick around for. Enjoy!

Games Discussed

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions

SNES title screen for Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions

Family Feud

SNES title screen for Family Feud

Kendo Rage

SNES title screen for Kendo Rage