Trekkin' in the 90s

“Homeword” & The Prime Directive

Trekkin' in the 90s: "Homeward" and the Prime Directive. Worf and his brother undercover.

Link and Emmy talk about the late Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where we meet Worf’s brother (no, his other brother) and talk about the concept of the Prime Directive. They discus what they think is good and bad about Starfleet’s golden rule. They also analyze the positions of both Picard (who seems to want to uphold the Prime Directive at all costs) and Nikolai (who thinks the Prime Directive shouldn’t prevent them from saving a dying species) and where we think both of them undermine their arguments in some way.

It was a really thought provoking episode for us and we hope you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking about it.



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