Pronoun check?

My (Chase’s) pronouns are he/him and Emmy’s are she/her.

So what is your release schedule?

We don’t really have one. I try to put up an episode of SNEScapades every other Wednesday, but it doesn’t always work out. It’s a free show, so… *shrugs*

Why did SteampunkLink change his name to Chase Keys?

As I started wanting to produce video projects, but remain anonymous, I realized I was going to have to mask my appearance in a way that didn’t really work with the SteampunkLink name. SteampunkLink was just a name I used at a very specific time and it stuck, but I’ve never been all that into steampunk, nor did I want his pseudonym to be forever linked (ha) to a named video game character. The name now is a reference to a Nintendo character, but not actually the name of any specific character. I feel like I can do more with that.

How can I contact you?

Emmy is not on social media, but I am on quite a few things, including Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, and Cohost. Probably the best way to reach out would be to DM on Instagram as that is where I get the most engagement and I may not be keeping that Twitter account much longer.

You two don’t swear in your podcasts. What the f*#% is up with that?

We’re not averse to swearing or find it offensive or anything like that. When we started doing a few test runs of the first episode, I realized as I was cutting it together that we just tended not to swear all that much and it felt silly to mark the show as “explicit” for the sake of a single f-bomb over a 40-minute show. So we decided we just wouldn’t or we’d bleep out the little bit that we did.

Why don’t you have a comment section on this site? I wanna leave comments!

When I designed this site, I initially wanted to allow folks to create an account and comment, but decided it was just too hard keeping the spam bots out. Besides, do you REALLY want another website login to manage? Of course you don’t. Going forward, all episodes of SNEScapades on the site will have links to various social media posts about the episode and you are free to comment there.

Why do you always feel the need to talk leftist politics? Isn’t your show about retro games?

There’s a lot of reasons. As a show that’s hosted by two folks who like to talk about retro games and “the good ole days”, it’s important that we not pretend that everything was better for everyone back then than they are now. Plus, if we ever manage to build up a significant following online, we want to keep our space free from toxic creeps and talking about this stuff every now and then tends to weed them out early.

I like your show, is there anyway I can support you?

We don’t have a Patreon or any sort of monetization and it’s not really something we plan on doing anytime soon. Not that we’d never consider it, but we just want to keep this a fun project for now. The best way to support us at this point is to help us grow by shouting us out on social media or just telling your friends about us. Also, I’m always looking for my next web development gig. I’m a (mostly) self-taught Javascript/React developer who dabbles in WordPress and a few other things. I created this site and coded all the custom posts and features in PHP and Javascript from scratch. I also edit our podcast and (I like to think) I’m a decent singer. So if you know anyone who could use someone with skills like that, let me know.