David Crane’s Amazing Tennis Edition

SNEScapades #28: David Crane's Amazing Tennis. That jacket's the most amazing thing about it. Plus Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Today, we’re talkin’ Tennis. And a lot of other things. In fact we didn’t actually care for the tennis all that much. But that David Crane guy is pretty noteworthy, so we talk about him for a little bit before touching on his so-called “Amazing Tennis”.

Then we get a little bit political as we talk about Desert Strike, Return to the Gulf. SteampunkLink talks about Gulf War trading cards. Literally everything had a trading card in the 80s and 90s.

Finally, we talk about Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, a good-intentioned yet flawed attempt to broaden the RPG fan base in the west. It’s far from the failure many make it out to be, and did manage to achieve at least one convert as Emmy Zero will attest to.

Really, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest probably should have been the cover for this one. But that jacket though…

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Street Fighter II
  3. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  4. Super Castlevania IV
  5. Final Fantasy II
  6. TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
  7. Act Actraiser
  8. UN Squadron
  9. Top Gear
  10. Super Mario Kart
  11. Contra III
  12. Lemmings
  13. BlaZeon The Bio-Cyborg Challenge
  14. Hook
  15. Darius Twin
  16. Super Off-Road
  17. F-Zero
  18. SimCity
  19. Legend of the Mystical Ninja
  20. Mario Paint
  21. Ys III: Wanderers from Ys
  22. Spanky’s Quest
  23. NCAA Basketball
  24. King of the Monsters
  25. Addams Family
  26. Gradius III
  27. Joe & Mac
  28. Super R-Type
  29. Super Soccer Champ
  30. Super Soccer
  31. Magic Sword
  32. Dinocity
  33. Rival Turf!
  34. Drakkhen
  35. Populous
  36. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
  37. Super Smash TV
  38. Rampart
  39. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  40. Final Fight
  41. Pilotwings
  42. Super Play Action Football
  43. John Madden Football
  44. Hals Hole in One
  45. PGA Tour Golf
  46. Krusty’s Super Fun House
  47. Arcana
  48. True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach
  49. Lagoon
  50. True Golf Classics: Waialai
  51. Phalanx
  52. Strike Gunner STG
  53. Hyperzone
  54. Axelay
  55. Paperboy 2
  56. Super Tennis
  57. Super Baseball Sim 1.000
  58. Super Bowling
  59. Raiden Trad
  60. James Bond Jr.
  61. Extra Innings
  62. F1 ROC: Race of Champions
  63. Super Adventure Island
  64. D-Force
  65. Monopoly
  66. Nolan Ryan’s Baseball
  67. Jack Nicklaus’ Golf
  68. Super Bases Loaded
  69. Smart Ball
  70. The Chessmaster
  71. World League Soccer
  72. Super Ghouls and Ghosts
  73. Wheel of Fortune
  74. Bart’s Nightmare
  75. Clue
  76. Faceball 2000
  77. Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
  78. Garry Kitchen’s Super Battletank
  79. Ka-Blooey
  80. Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
  81. Xardion
  82. Home Alone 2
  83. George Forman’s KO Boxing
  84. Space Football: One on One
  85. Thunder Spirits
  86. David Crane’s Amazing Tennis
  87. WWF Super Wrestlemania
  88. Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball
  89. Ultraman
  90. Earth Defense Force
  91. Home Alone
  92. RPM Racing
  93. Robocop 3
  94. The Rocketeer
  95. Pit Fighter

Games Discussed