Cool Spot Edition

Cover for SNEScapades podcast episode 76 featuring Cool Spot. Also Captain America and the Avengers and Mecarobot Golf

Today, Link and Emmy play a port of an arcade brawler from 1991 based on the Avengers. Will this be as good as other licensed arcade brawlers from the same era (like TMNT, The Simpsons, and X-Men)? Well… You’ll just have to listen and find out.

Also, is it possible that a game ostensibly built as a playable commercial for a soft drink go beyond what is normally required of product placement and be an amazing game in its own right? Well… we have the answer for you. Listen and find out.

And finally, what’s going on with the golfing robot? I can’t actually promise any definitive answers to that one. But we’ll have fun talking about it anyway.

It’s an episode full of surprises, as we discuss Mecarobot Golf, Captain America and the Avengers, and Cool Spot. We had a lot of fun with this one and we hope you’ll have just as much fun listening.

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Games Discussed

Captain America and the Avengers

screenshot of Captain America and the Avengers title screen

Cool Spot

screenshot of Cool Spot title screen

Mecarobot Golf

screenshot of Mecarobot Golf title screen