CD-iscapades # 17: The Wand of Gamelon Edition

Cover for CD-iscapades podcast episode 17 featuring Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, Joker's Wild, and Inca

Your hosts Chase Keys and Willie Martindale are back to discuss another three strange games in the short library of an equally strange system.

First, we’re talking about Inca and wondering, is the gameplay any good? Who wrote that amazing theme song? Is this game problematic? These are just a few questions we’ll ponder as we discuss this FMV puzzle game/shooter/space combat about an ancient people fighting Space Spaniards. Totally normal game that still somehow manages to be more educational than the History Channel.

Next, it’s The Joker’s Wild; a game based on an American game show that every elder-millennial and (maybe gen-xers) who stayed home sick watching TV all day in the early 90s. We’ll talk a bit about the history of the TV show and the video game before deciding if this game still holds up.

And finally, a game that needs no introduction, the infamous Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. You almost certainly know about this game if you’re listening to this? But how many of us have actually played it? Is it as bad as everyone says? Is it better or worse than it’s sibling game Link: Faces of Evil? We’ll tell you.

All this and Tetris music on this episode of CD-iSCAPADES. And be sure to listen to Willie’s other show Grand Rapidians Play Video Games.

Games Discussed