Aero the Acrobat Edition

Cover for SNEScapades podcast episode 83 featuring Aero the Acrobat. Also Cliffhanger and Battletoads & Double Dragon

Okay, Chase and Emmy were a little cranky on this one. But you would be too if you had to play these three games back-to-back. Cliffhanger is a boring game that plays acceptably, until it doesn’t. Battletoads and Double Dragon isn’t fit for either of those franchises (and that’s saying something because we already kinda don’t like Battletoads.) And Aero the Acrobat is kinda like if a DM went through the trouble of crafting a really excellent story, and was then just hell-bent on wiping the party and ending the game early.

I wish I’d thought of that metaphor on the show.

In any case, don’t expect us to be kind at all to these games. If you really cherish any childhood memories of these games… it’ll be okay if you want to give this one a skip. We also talked about the movie Cliffhanger (a first time watch for both of us) and we didn’t like that either. So, you’ve been warned.

We are sorry about all the negativity today. We really don’t like to be that kind of a show. We do discuss the brief history of Malibu Comics, and that’s kinda interesting. We hope you still enjoy the episode more than we did playing the games we talked about.

Games Discussed

Aero the Acrobat

Title screen for Aero the Acrobat

Battletoads & Double Dragon

Title screen for SNES game Battletoads & Double Dragon


Title screen for the SNES game Cliffhanger